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Mission Statement

Ever since Online English Teacher was created, our mission has been to provide the absolute best learning environment, coupled with educators who care and who are amongst the most highly qualified in their field!

It makes sense for us to formalise and codify what we believe into 2 distinct descriptions;

We are a place of educational excellence – get to meet your new Online English Teacher.

We equip your children with a high standard of English to enable them to achieve their chosen careers and become equipped with lifelong learning skills.

Want to start your English language lessons now?

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I am a certified TEFL/TESOL Tutor and have worked in the Education sector for over 20 years. I am a native English/British speaker and have taught Online English to both kids and adults, many of whom live in Brazil, Chile, China, Greece, India, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, S.Korea & Turkey. I have a passion for teaching English and meeting people from all parts of the world and enjoy learning about different cultures. My life has been enriched by having met so many interesting and friendly people from all walks of life. My style of teaching is to make lessons educational, interesting and fun, which speeds up and maximizes the ability to learn. I am friendly, understanding and tailor lessons to meet the needs and goals of every student.

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