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Level of English

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Beginner/Elementary, Intermediate or at an Advanced level of English, we will help you improve. We will create suitable lessons to help improve your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Start your journey TODAY to a BETTER FUTURE!

Lesson Types

Everyday/General Conversation or for Travel purposes

Business conversation

Improve grammar, vocabulary, common phrases & Idioms

Guidance & Practice for IELTS Exams & interview techniques

Adult learners preparing to take tests for overseas education/University

Qualified & Experienced Tutors – Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA)

Our tutors are certified native English speakers , who are very experienced teaching English to students aged 7 to adults. We will help you become more fluent in English. Begin your FREE TRIAL LESSON TODAY!

Jun 2023

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Plan 1
  • Save money by purchasing a block of 5 x 30 minute lessons. Individual 30-minute lessons will cost £15.
Plan 2
  • Save money by purchasing a block of 5 x 45 minute lessons. Individual 45-minute lessons will cost £20.
Plan 3
  • Save money by purchasing a block of 5 x 60 minute lessons. Individual 60-minute lessons will cost £25.
Plan 4
  • Free Trial (15-minutes)

Student feedback:

We did an English lesson for job interviews. The course was not only English practice but also directive for my professional business life. Thanks Zee – I am sooo grateful that you helped me improve my level of English every day. (Harun, Turkey)👍

Professional Teacher.’ Amnah, (Saudi Arabia) ‘A very cool and caring teacher’ (Ziyad,SA)

I love her a lot, she’s very patient and teaches from the heart.❤ (Al-jawaher, Dubai)

I loved my classes with Zee! She made me feel very confident in expressing my ideas in English, and we talked about varied subjects such as work, hobbies and food. I recommend her! 😃(Felipe, Brazil)

Zee is great! I cannot even find the right word to say for her….She is absolutely, significantly, wonderful!!! (Sevde, Turkey)

About Us

Qualified/certified TEFL/TESOL tutors who will tailor courses based on your specific language learning needs.

Teachers with expertise teaching ages 7yrs – mature adults.

Send us a message and with provide details of your language learning goal.



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